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We are currently operating in 6 projects in different regions,
obtaining a monthly development average of 6,000 linear m and
around 192,000 tons of mineral.

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We are a company specialized in the construction of underground and open-pit mining works and the exploitation of mineral deposits.

With more than 20 years of business solidity and experience, our main mining activity is the development of tunnels for national and foreign companies.


At CoMinVi we offer quality, safety and responsibility.

The minerals we extract

Some of the minerals we extract include the following:







At CoMinVi, we are convinced that all incidents and occupational illnesses are foreseeable, which is why we direct our efforts to make decisions and actions that reduce INCIDENTS OF TEAM MEMBERS AND OUR ASSETS. To this end, we are committed to providing our collaborators with a safe and healthy workplace.

Likewise, we work daily to guarantee compliance with the occupational health and safety standard in force in Mexico in addition to other international voluntary standards, such as the ISO 45001:2018 standard through the application of the Safety, Health and Managment System “SISSMAC"

In continuous improvement processes we open up the participation and consultation of our people, providing them with cutting-edge tools for the execution of their tasks that serve to align the objectives and goals that allow the elimination of dangers and the mitigation of risks. Therefore, we ensure compliance and regular communication of our security policy.


We have equipment for underground mining work.

More than 261 advanced equipment


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Tunneling drill jumbo machines

Jumbo is the name given to an electro-hydraulic equipment equipped with one or several hydraulic hammers (drills) on hydraulic arms that allow access to any part of the face. It is a machine designed to carry out underground work quickly and automatically: advancement of tunnels and galleries, cross drilling, benching with horizontal holes and mining by cut and fill, among others.

Front loaders

They are loader equipment with a compact design both in height and width to adapt to the excavation tunnels with good maneuverability.

By means of low-profile loaders, the same operator loads the bucket, transports the load along the tunnel and unloads it at the point of discharge, repeating the cycle.

Work in underground mines requires the use of equipment with specialized designs for these jobs, which is why low-profile loaders are ideal for these jobs.

Anchorage jumbo machines

Its main use within underground mining is the fortification of tunnels by drilling and installing meshes that are secured by bolts, thus, the objective of these actions is to ensure the physical stability of the works in underground mines. Fortification is the set of procedures that allow the workings to be kept stable when their condition is not self-supporting in an underground mine. 

Scissor Lifts

The scissor lift equipment (Scissor Truck) is a utility vehicle for heavy work in underground mines, due to its central articulation it is versatile and agile in tunnels which allows it to transport materials or it is also used for fortification works, pipe installation or installation of fans.

Concrete launchers

It is an equipment designed to launch concrete, it is a mobile equipment with a diesel-hydraulic drive designed for tunnel profiles.

Like all mining machinery, its low-profile design and central articulation allow it to be highly versatile in underground works. It was designed to minimize the risks of personnel during the fortification stage, since mining works must ensure the stability of the tunnels, using support with reinforced concrete and this equipment fulfills that function.

Backhoe loaders

A backhoe makes it easy to get a minor demolition job done and then transport the remaining materials to another location. Likewise, you can slide the blades to level the ground and transport vehicles can move without problems, in underground mining the hydraulic hammer that is mounted is used to break down the tunnels, the basket mounted on the front is used for lifting personnel for the activities of placing services in the tunnel work.

Hauling Truck

A dump truck is like any other truck in principle, since it is built on a platform. It is used to move any type of load that needs to be moved from one point to another in bulk, such as sand, stone, earth, etc. It has multiple uses in the construction and mining industries


An air compressor is a machine designed to take air from the environment —or gas, depending on its intended use—, store and compress it inside a tank called a lung container, and with that air, give power to other pneumatic tools or well perform multiple tasks, releasing this air or gas already subject to pressure through a controlled pressure and flow depending on the task to be performed.


Motor graders

A motor grader or motor grader is a machine used to perform land leveling work with good and greater precision.

It consists of a tractor on wheels and a blade with a curved profile that rests on a front train, also with wheels.

The main objective or purpose of the motor grader is to be able to level and refine the bases and sub-bases of the land, as well as patios and platforms.

In mining, it is used to maintain the production ramps of mining tunnels and haulage ramps in optimal conditions.


Telehandlers are specially designed for handling and moving materials. 

Through the installation of different accessories, these versatile machines can be adapted to a wide variety of tasks in the workplace, including the preparation of materials for the start of a job, the lifting of loads, under this concept in mining, a safety basket to lift personnel for the installation of ventilation ducts, fans, installation of electrical cables, etc

Mining scalers

The rock mixing equipment has a hydraulic hammer mounted on a telescopic arm that is responsible for knocking down the rocks that have been destabilized after blasting, with the necessary versatility to carry out an efficient and safe job, like all the equipment used in underground mine are low profile and excellent maneuverability in the tunnel.


Vibrocompactors are heavy equipment that help level construction surfaces.

There are different types of vibrocompactors, such as plate or roller compactors, and these are capable of compacting various materials and are mainly used in the construction of roads and foundations.


Low-profile trucks

In mining, trucks for underground work differ from those used for open pit in size. And it is that, when working inside tunnels, these must have a compact size to be able to move in them optimally.

These teams are called "low-profile" It should be said that low-profile trucks have the same hauling capacity as a conventional dump truck, but require a smaller gallery section to move, which reduces the development costs of the mine. In addition, due to their more robust construction, they usually have a longer useful life.

Mixer truck

A mixer truck or revolver is a vehicle equipped with a mixing drum, with this, concrete or pre-mixed concrete can be transported, preventing it from hardening.

One of the advantages of mixer trucks is that it allows the mixture to be transported without losing its properties and humidity.

In mining, equipment with this quality is used to feed the robotic or manual concrete spraying equipment. The culés are used on the fronts for the fortification of the tunnel or for the construction of civil works inside the mine.