Our Safety, Health and Managment System , which establishes the policy and procedures, formats, techniques and necessary elements in terms of prevention and control of incidents, as well as the mitigation of occupational diseases and environmental impacts.

This system designates those responsible for producing environmental improvements and mitigating security risks, provides them with tools and reports on progress in matters of Safety, Health and Environment of CoMinVi.


integrate and simplifies the management of Safety, Occupational Health and Environment risks. The Platform has been specially designed to manage CoMinVi’s Safety, Occupational Health and Environment risks, in accordance with the Deming model, aligning actions from other disciplines such as Social Responsibility and Quality Management, giving rise to a set of systematized information processes. on which the company bases its own Management and Control Systems.


From a global perspective, the model is made up of four main elements:

Composed of specific modules for each management area.

Composed of the Incidents Module and the Findings Module, allows the systematization of incident and finding reports on a standardized basis that hosts, in the same work environment, the events that are generated in operations. In addition, it records the progress of the supervisor’s security activities.

It unifies the activity of people in a single tool and acts as a kind of single window for the administration of the different programs of the management system.

They allow completely aligning risk management according to the specific needs of the company.


Tunneling drill jumbo machines

Jumbo is the name given to an electro-hydraulic equipment equipped with one or several hydraulic hammers (drills) on hydraulic arms that allow access to any part of the face. It is a machine designed to carry out underground work quickly and automatically: advancement of tunnels and galleries, cross drilling, benching with horizontal holes and mining by cut and fill, among others.